Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mt Mitchell and other things

I have not written for awhile, life was getting kind of boring for a moment because of my knee. But I am back to running (albeit slowly) and I was blessed to attend the AORE (Association of Outdoor Recreation Education) conference in Asheville, NC. I not only learned a lot but I was able to sneak away for some time in the mountains. This year will be my 5 year anniversary since hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2003. I felt it was about time to get back out to the Appalachias.

On Monday, after the conference, I took a lone hike up to the tallest mountain this side of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell. It was refreshing. My knee was feeling good, the sun was shining, and in the south the fall had just began. I took the time up the mountain to clear my head and body of all the recent stress in my life (finishing up a degree and working a getting sick). As I hiked up the 2,000 ft ascent I realized I miss days like that. Times when the most important thing is getting from point A to point Z and maybe, that you need to eat a few times during the day. I miss the simple life.

It is so easy to get caught up in the tizzy of the day to day grind, that sometimes I forget what really earth and air and walking. It was funny to me how even at an outdoor adventure conference it is so easy to get pulled into the politics of an "association" but what we all crave is a little simpleness. That is the time when who you are and what you stand for doesn't matter. Not to say that these things are not important but that in life you have to have things stripped down to the core to really appreciate the eccentricity of life. So I did. I sat at the top and enjoyed the view (even though folks can drive up) and I relaxed. I was for a moment at complete peace.