Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have been having the oddest dreams lately...regarding MS, my diet changes and healing.  Last night was a particularly odd one - I won't get into the details because honestly you will think I am crazy, but it was very interesting.  

This morning I woke up with a burning feeling in my brain - I wonder to myself if I can feel my nerves being attacked by my body.  I want to brush that thought away, but the burning continues.  I want to forget that I have this thing but little tingles, intermittent numbness & burning make me wonder.  

I am left feeling off this morning - if that is the most annoying thing about MS is the uncertainty.  I want/need to live in the moment, because at any moment things could be drastically different than they are right now.  Right now is a 100% different than last year at this time (regarding my emotional and physical self).  So you can see the dilemma - how do you get a secure stable feeling if everything is not stable?  Yep, having an I HATE MS day.

On another note, my wonderful sis decided to run the Akron Marathon for MS.  If you would like to donate to her fund-raising you can at her page .  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekly Workout Update

Monday April 19 - Sunday April 25
  • Monday Apr 19 - off
  • Tuesday Apr 20 - 3 mi trail run
  • Wednesday Apr 21 -off
  • Thursday Apr 22 - 3 mi run
  • Friday Apr 9 -off
  • Saturday Apr 10 -off
  • Sunday Apr 11- 5 mi run
Can you tell we are getting to crunch time at work? It is the end of the semester as I push out 60-70 hour weeks, which means I am exhausted and the workouts are when I can fit them.  Just one more crazy week of this and I will be free to exercise more!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Yep, my hubby surprised me last week with my very own Mt. Bike.  This is my second season riding and last year I borrowed a UA Trek 4900 for the season.  Although it was a very nice bike it was too large (16").  You see I was blessed with short legs and a long torso (for my short legs) - this meant that a 16" bike had me hopping over the top tube to get my leg over.  Anyway, Paul had left a 2009 16" hardtail Raleigh Mojave 8.0 in the living room last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, it was as large as the last bike and did not fit.  So we took it back to the bike shop to see if they had a 14" or something comparable.  

The bike shop let me exchange the bike for a 2010 Raleigh Talus 8.0 - a great entry level hardtail.
Meet the "Pimp Mobile" - yes those are gold rims-with gold accent trim.  I have to laugh at the flashy color of the bike, but the bike fit is PERFECT.  The most hilarious part about this is that I am not very good, I fall - A LOT.  So the bike is pimp, but not so much with me.

"Gold Rims & the leather seats, windows so dark you need a flashlight to see me..."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Workout Update

Monday April 12 - Sunday April 18
  • Monday Apr 12 - off
  • Tuesday Apr 13 - 3 mi trail run
  • Wednesday Apr 7 -off
  • Thursday Apr 8 - off
  • Friday Apr 9 -3 mi trail run
  • Saturday Apr 10 -20 mi bike ride, 3 mi trail run
  • Sunday Apr 11- 7 mi Mt. bike ride
A much better week of training thanks to the Cleveland Triathlon Club.  I have been part of the club now for 2 full years and although I have done some things with them, it has not been consistent enough to really get into it all.  On a whim, I decided to sign up for their weekend Spring Training Camp down at Mohican State Park - which was this past weekend.

I road biked on some really difficult terrain (I think I am getting pretty good at the clipless), trail ran, and even got on the mountain bike.  I was happy that my body was cooperative and allowed me to do the most training since my attack in Oct.  I wish that everyday was without real job work - training twice a day - eating and hanging with friends - taking naps...wouldn't that be nice.

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Speeches and Lessons

    I was lucky enough last night to give my second ever presentation on the Appalachian Trail, through an interactive slide-show for students at UA.  It had been awhile since I had to really looked through my pictures and journal from my trip and it was perfect timing.

    As I worked on my PowerPoint presentation, I was thinking on how I wanted to wrap up this hour long journey down memory lane with the students.  Something very philosophical, along the lines of what I learned out there - what I took away from it all.

    "uh oh" I thought.

    What I left the trail with:
    • That I am a strong person – who can do much more than I ever thought
    • That I like life simplified – not much to worry about, love and be kind to people and to always be appreciative of running water, a warm bed, comfy clothes, showers, home, and life in general
    • That taking care of your body is very important
    • That life is worth LIVING!!!
    Oops, what happened in 7 years that I forgot some of this.  Hello wake up call - another gentle life reminder to keep above all of this past year.

    Ironically at this very moment my husband is in an interview - a great promotion in his job is almost a reality.  At the same time today, my father is at an oncologist appointment to see if his Leukemia is progressing.  This is my life, for every good thing comes a struggle.  I think that may just be life, but I do not want to accept that things are constantly a struggle - that cannot be true.

    I thank life for reminding me what the focus should be - to be kind, appreciate the little things, and surround yourself with loving and supportive friends & family.

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Weekly Workout Update

    Monday April 5 - Sunday April 11
    • Monday April 5 - off
    • Tuesday Apr 6 - 3 mi run
    • Wednesday Apr 7 -off
    • Thursday Apr 8 - 3 mi run
    • Friday Apr 9 -off
    • Saturday Apr 10 -4 mi hike
    • Sunday Apr 11- off
    Still lacking in my workouts, but it was a really busy week.  I was looking back at why I did not workout on Monday, Wed & Friday...and it was because I had something scheduled each of those nights.  Oh well, life will go on...but I would like to workout more than not.

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Weekly Workout Update

    Monday March 29 - Sunday April 4
    • Monday Mar 29 - off
    • Tuesday Mar 30 - off
    • Wednesday Mar 31 -3 mi run
    • Thursday Apr 1 - 3 mi run
    • Friday Apr 2 -off
    • Saturday Apr 3 - 3 mi run & 10 mi bike ride (with new pedals & shoes)
    • Sunday Apr 4 - off
    I am feeling more energized - I seem to have shaken off the sickness and I think my energy is almost back to full.  I will be trying to 'push' it a little more this week with more workouts to keep me on track for my trainings.  Also, last week I was able to sign up for the Emerald Crossing 4 mi trail run and the Twinsburg Duathlon.  Those will be some nice early season races.

    Akron ADDY

    My student won an Akron ADDY for the video that we made for new students - it is one of my favorite things that we have done.   It is a fun video trying to teach students a little about wellness in a way that they might find amusing. 

    Here it is! :)

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Weather oh Weather

    What a wonderful week of weather we have had and are looking forward too.  I did finally get a chance to run after a week and a half of no workouts.  The stars aligned (or more like I was able to skate out of work at 5 - which never happens) and I headed out for a slow 3 miler (60 - 70 % MHR).

    Ohio becomes alive when the weather breaks, or as my student who is from Chile says, "You appreciate the weather so much more here because it stinks for 5 - 6 months of the year."  

    I really enjoy where I live (not the house but the location), it is in the valley and when I look out my living room window all I see is a large cascading hill - which I refer to as my mountain.  I also live a short walk/jog from Sand Run Jogging Trail and this is where I headed out yesterday.  Although I brought my camera with me (I am determined to take more pictures), I got lost in my head during the run and forgot to take a single snapshot.  So I will leave you with a couple of professional shots of Sand Run and what I get to see in the summer (the leaves are not out completely).  

    View of the Ford from the trail
     Jogging Trail Bench - look at the green!

    I hear a lot of people comment on how much they hate Ohio (poor economy and rough winters can make a person jaded) but really, how could you hate Ohio?  It keeps me painfully aware of reality during the winter and by the time spring and summer are here; I take not one sunny day, leaf and smile for granted.  Plus we have an AMAZING park system and outdoor activity community! :)