Monday, May 19, 2008


Over a week since I have had to "school it". Funny how we end up where we are in life. Here I am not sure what/where the next chapter in my life is headed. A little relieved and at the same time a little uncertain. I am sure this is the feeling you get when you are truly at the crossroads. On one side is the past- the things that have shaped you as a person, the other side focuses on the future- the things that you hope and reach for. Part of me wants to stay in the comfort zone that I have clung dearly onto, the other wants to heave herself forward.

I am that weak to announce things like that in your life? I am fearful that the belief system that I have always thought to be true is just a facade; similar to other things in my life. I know and have told others that the unknown-those things that really torture who you are in life, are also the most rewarding, but I am unsure that I want to deal with that right now. Haven't I earned my keep for now? Can't things just go easy and as planned sometimes? I want the money issue to be gone and I want security, knowing that my brain, my plans, my dreams will all be utilized and not just thrown out like scraps of nothing.

I allow my emotions to be too wrapped up in thoughts like these. Sometimes I wish I was less complicated-black and white, but I am every shade of color that there is and today I feel quite like "burnt sepia" or possibly "coal black". Oh it is time to stop when analogies of life mirror crayola colors.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Done...YAY!

I graduated this weekend and what a wonderful feeling. So to celebrate:

May 10th

Emerald Necklace 5K Trail run
Mickey Ryzmek put on an amazing event with NCSports. This was the inaugural year for this trail run and it was a very good time. Not an easy course, a little rocky and hilly, but I was happy with my finish of 32:00 min. What a beautiful day and I would recommend this race for people looking for a difficult trail run. I got this in before the actual commencement ceremony.

Dad and I before the run, we dressed alike by accident

Perseverance, Me and Dad after the race

Headed down to the university at 1:00 pm for the ceremony. I was lucky to have my 92 year old grandmother, my grandfather, my supporting husband, my mom and my dad there to support me. It was not a very long ceremony and I was glad to have that moment of notice for the work that I have put into my degree. Now the feelings of what now? are taking over...

Before Graduation shot at the house....
Walking across the stage...
Grams, Me, and Mom, after shot.

Feeling good, relaxed even.