Monday, December 17, 2007

Where are you....

Haven't blogged for awhile...
So where I have been???

The past few months have been spent in good faith. I have been back and running for a while now. The only race I have participated in recently is the Home Run for the Homeless in Akron on Thanksgiving morning. This years race brought about 15 close family and friends who also participated. It was a nice run and I always enjoy when the money we pay goes to charity. I wanted to write a long blog on giving thanks but alas the time has passed and my words are short.

The most interesting thing to happen to P and I lately is that we adopted two kittens. Actually, they adopted us . Many of you know that P works for the Summit County Metro Parks and about three weeks ago while he was doing some work at the Bike and Hike trail he came across two kittens that had been dumped and left to fend for themselves. Being that they were only around 6 weeks old; they were scared, dehydrated, get the picture. He (being the kind soul that he is) took them back to the office and then home to fix them up and find someone to adopt them. Unfortunately, no one we asked wanted kittens and as the weekend passed I became more and more attached to them (and they to us). After a few tears (when Paul mentioned the pound), he gave in and let us keep them, secretly I believe he became fairly attached too. Our family is now a rousing 7 (3 cats, 1 dog, 1 tarantula and P and I).

As for now I finally finished this semester (only one more to go) last week and I am just trying to catch up on all the things that have been put to the wayside (cleaning, organizing, etc). Of course one of my favorite things about Christmas break is being able to read any books of my choosing, I usually can get about three in by the end of the month. Right now I have picked up the Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It is a "some-what" scientific view of our food industry...answering the question "what are we eating?" To find out, Pollan follows each of the food chains that sustain us—industrial food, organic or alternative food, and food we forage ourselves—from the source to a final meal, and in the process develops a definitive account of the American way of eating. I am excited to read and understand just another view point on what is going on in our food industry.

As for what we are doing for physical fitness: P and I are just starting to get back into the multi-sport bit. We have been rock climbing a lot recently and running, but now we will get back into the pool and stationary bike training as well. My favorite thing about winter and snow was an impromptu 4 mi hike last night in the fresh powder snow, we were the first to put our tracks along the trail and the only ones out actually enjoying this weather. Hiking in the snow with the silence and beauty is just what this girl needs after a few weeks of intense school.

P and I are off to Florida for Christmas to visit my sis and take care of her after foot surgery...hopefully I can take some time to write a bit more, but if not I wish all of you a blessed Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mt Mitchell and other things

I have not written for awhile, life was getting kind of boring for a moment because of my knee. But I am back to running (albeit slowly) and I was blessed to attend the AORE (Association of Outdoor Recreation Education) conference in Asheville, NC. I not only learned a lot but I was able to sneak away for some time in the mountains. This year will be my 5 year anniversary since hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2003. I felt it was about time to get back out to the Appalachias.

On Monday, after the conference, I took a lone hike up to the tallest mountain this side of the Mississippi, Mt. Mitchell. It was refreshing. My knee was feeling good, the sun was shining, and in the south the fall had just began. I took the time up the mountain to clear my head and body of all the recent stress in my life (finishing up a degree and working a getting sick). As I hiked up the 2,000 ft ascent I realized I miss days like that. Times when the most important thing is getting from point A to point Z and maybe, that you need to eat a few times during the day. I miss the simple life.

It is so easy to get caught up in the tizzy of the day to day grind, that sometimes I forget what really earth and air and walking. It was funny to me how even at an outdoor adventure conference it is so easy to get pulled into the politics of an "association" but what we all crave is a little simpleness. That is the time when who you are and what you stand for doesn't matter. Not to say that these things are not important but that in life you have to have things stripped down to the core to really appreciate the eccentricity of life. So I did. I sat at the top and enjoyed the view (even though folks can drive up) and I relaxed. I was for a moment at complete peace.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm...

Well here I am, sitting at work, pretty much the middle of October now. As of the end of this week I have taken 4 weeks off of running. My knee feels really good, and next Tuesday will be my inaugural re-entry to running. I have been swimming 2-3 days a week at the Nat here at the University, but I have no one to challenge me and I am bored with being inside. It will be nice to be back outside...even if it is rainy and cold. Part of me is a bit scared to get back into the swing of last long run was 18 miles and now, who knows where I am at. I am going to be back out though, because no matter how crappy I feel, I know that the beginning is always 2 years ago when I began running.

Funny how it is for me now to really want to be running but my body needs rest, a few years ago running was such a struggle and I would have liked an excuse to quit at, I have changed. I haven't biked for awhile either, my knee was hurting with the movement of peddling, so my doctor said to lay off of that until this next week as well. Hopefully there will be one more nice day for a bike ride before I put her in retirement for the season.

On a good note, my climbing has taken a jump in the right direction because of my knee I have been putting in about 2-3 hours/week of climbing in. I feel strong, and hopefully that will keep up, even when I am running. I was hoping to build a base of running to about 20-30 miles a week. This winter I refuse to train for a marathon. Last year, when I was training for Cleveland, the runs in the blizzard were enough to make anyone quit; plus, who wants to run on ice covered trails...blech. That way if I want I can run the Cleveland half, which puts me in a good routine by the time summer comes around...yes I am already thinking about summer.

Next year I hope to compete in my first marathon...FOR REAL...and I am planning (hope this does not jinx it) the Akron Full. Why leave town when I can sleep in my own bed. Who cares about time anyway, I just want to get one in!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

MRI Results

Good news and Bad news...but the good news is better.

Yes there is a small tear on my lateral meniscus of my right knee, but no surgery needed. The doctor said I could begin to run as soon as all my pain was gone--good news. I guess the timing was just all wrong. No marathon...he said to wait at least another week before I begin running again and start out with a 2-3 mi slow jog (gag). I also need to take time to go to the gym to strengthen my quads to make up for the weak spot on my meniscus. So at least it worked out in my favor, no surgery is a REALLY good thing. Next year will be more opportunities for marathons and at least I know what happened.

Thanks for all of the love.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doctor Doctor

Went to the doctor at 10:30 this morning.

This appointment took them 45 minutes to get me in to see the doctor and another hour and fifteen mintutes to give me a prognosis:

He said running is done for 4-6 weeks-this includes soccer and anything that causes my knee pain.

He said it was likely a meniscus tear.

He said it was likely from soccer.

He said I am having an MRI this week.

He said I am not allowed to run the half or even the full mary.

He said...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Knee report--On the Shelf: Running

So much for running..indefinitely.

Saturday morning woke up at 6:30 for my 20 mi run. Ate a nice meal of multigrain oatmeal, got all of my running nutritional needs together, charged my ipod, did morning yoga & a 7 minute yoga specifically designed for running and put on my brand new shoes (I got them right before the Air Force Half Mary and they have yet to finish a run with cannot call it a run if you walked most of it).

I headed out at 7:30 am for a clear, fairly chilly morning that I knew would turn into a fairly warm day. Even out that early cars were filling the parking spots and tons of people were already headed out for their long run or walk on such a beautiful day. I felt so energetic and was anxious to get in my first ever 20 mi day, I made sure to leave before Paul so that we could finish up around the same time (cause he is amazingly fast compared to me). Turned my ipod on to some RZA and headed out.

I felt soooooo good, my energy levels were high (probably because I took a full week off of my knee and my carbohydrate stores were replenished) and I was cruising through the first mile with a vigor that I had not felt in awhile. First mile had to be around 9 minutes, judging on how many songs passed. Suddenly, with just one step my knee twinged like never before and every subsequent step after was filled with a sharp shooting pain along the medial side towards the center of the knee joint. I knew I was done, I could barely put the weight of my body on it while walking. I solemnly walked toward the end of Sand Run knowing that Paul would pass by in the car soon to stash his water bottles. On the way I ran into my father, who walked with me until I was able to flag Paul down. He tried to cheer my obvious disappointment of the situation but I was on the verge of tears; the pain of my knee and frustration were too much at that moment.

I was definitely heart broken, my training has taken a complete stand least until I know what is going on with knee. Sunday I tried to run the Nat 5K as I was already pre-registered, only to find that my knee only allowed about 1 mi of running before going out again.

This situation is frustrating as this is the second time that I have been training for a marathon that I have had to cease training. Once in the spring and now in the fall and I really wanted to get my first marathon in before the end of this year. I realize that I know nothing yet, at least what is going on with my knee but I am fearful that this may be the end of my season...and I am not ready for that yet. At the same time I have to mentally prepare myself to know that I may not be able to run the full Columbus, that this may not heal in time.

So what is the plan? Try to get into a sport med doc before my Akron half mary this weekend (of course I already paid for this one too). Then, well, I guess move forward. I am going to swim this week, already planned that for tomorrow and Thursday and we will see what the week brings me.

I need some good juju sent this way and hopefully everything will work out. I will keep everyone updated.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Training (September 15th-21st)

  • Saturday September 15th: Air Force Half Marathon
  • Sunday September 16th: off
  • Monday September 17th: climbed 30 min
  • Tuesday September 18th: off
  • Wednesday September 19th: Walked 5 mi
  • Thursday September 20th: 1 hour Yoga, Walked 3 mi, Climbed 30 min
  • Friday September 21st: 15 min cycle ergometer sub-max test, off
Knee is feeling a bit better, a lot of Vitamin I and icing AND keeping off of it. I pushed my 20 mi run until tomorrow, which unfortunately is the day before my Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium 5K (hoping to PR...yeah right). Soccer might have to be put on the shelf if this knee is still acting up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Knee still hurts, feeling a little worried about upcoming races. Today's 5 mi run turned into a 5 mi walk. I have a 20 mi run it going to happen???? I have already taken 4 days off of running, I know that seems like very little but doesn't anyone remember the saying
"Two weeks to get in shape and two days to get out of shape"

All I have to say is why now?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Air Force Marathon

After a late start on Friday, my father, mother, and I managed to make it in time to pick up our packets at the Air Force Half Marathon. It was seemingly a trip through memory lane. The reason I really wanted to participate in this marathon event was largely due to the fact that my father was a fighter pilot for many years. He retired after many years of duty, but that part of his life and really our whole families lives was never forgotten. Military life was something that we all truly loved; the travel, the planes, the family, it was all part of us. Plus it was really cool to have a father who flew F-15 s at the speed of sound.

We have been away from a military life style now for over 12 years and my father, I believe, has stayed away because he missed it. That being said, a crisp, perfectly clear Saturday morning we headed to Wright Patterson AFB to begin our half marathon. We were greeted by a lone F-15 playing in the sky and it sparked so many stories of my fathers time flying that I felt for a moment that we were back, ready to watch my father take off...I am sure he remembers how to fly.

It was a perfect day for a run. The crisp autumnal air was brisk, but exactly the temperature that you want to run in. The half marathon began at 8:15 with 2000 participants, and we started with a 1000 ft gain in elevation in the first mile. My first mile was 9:30, my second was 9:30, my third mile was 9:45, 4th was 9:45, my fifth was 11:25...oh yeah on a hill coming down my knee began to ache. Dang. I knew that the med tent was coming up, so I made myself slow jog until I found it. A woman quickly wrapped it and I began to limp my way through...she tied the wrap way too lose, so mile 6 16:00. I was getting discouraged, why now on this perfect day for running is my knee hurting so bad. I walked/ran to the next med tent to get the wrap fixed a little tighter and the man there sure wrapped it up. In fact after limping for a half of mile I found that my foot was becoming numb and my muscles behind my knee were feeling tight. So I completely undid the wrap and limped two miles to the next med tent. I felt similar to Goldilocks as this woman wrapped it just right, but my knee would not allow me to run anymore. Thank goodness the field was large enough that I was able to walk the rest of the race and finish. There were tons of walkers, so this made me very comfortable with my decision. Why permanently injure this knee when I have the choice to finish with my limp/walk. My splits were around 20 minutes for the last few miles, I couldn't even walk fast with my knee the way it was. I did stop to stare at the dozens of plane fly bys along the way, why not, I was not making any PR anyway.

Unfortunately, my father and father-in-law were alarmed when I did not show up at my usual pace and they were in a tizzy when I showed up at 3 hours. It all worked out in the end. My father had the best run of the season, and that made my knee injury take a shelf. I was here for him and the reminiscing that occurred made everything worth while. I am sure we will participate in this race every year now, it was a good race, albeit injury.

Hopefully my knee will start to feel better after some time off. I did not play soccer yesterday and I am not going to run or bike until at least Wed. and that will be a short run, just to get the knee ready. Somehow I was deleted from the Buckeye Half Stats (like I did not even run) and this weeks run was crappy. I have the Akron Half Marathon and the Columbus Full to still look forward to, just hope that my knee holds up. So far this running season has been full of disappointments, but I cannot do anything about it now.

Just keep running, running, running...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Training (September 8th- September 14th)

  • Saturday Sept 8th: 9 mi Potato Stomp Race
  • Sunday Sept 9th: Buckeye Half Marathon & soccer 45 min
  • Monday Sept 10th: Climbed 1 hr
  • Tuesday Sept 11th: off
  • Wednesday Sept 12th: 9 mi run
  • Thursday Sept 13th: off
  • Friday Sept 14th: off

My knee is hurting a bit, I think from all the running plus a long soccer game on Sunday. Hopefully this weekend at the Air Force Half Mary I will be feeling good.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Carpe Diem

Cliche, maybe. But at the same time there is a reason that for the term. As we all know life is short and at any moment, scope, or time I could be gone.

I guess I always, in theory, understood that life would end but at the same time I didn't. It became a reality when my father was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) about a year and a half ago and the naive belief that life was forever, just wasn't anymore. Since then I have felt that not only should I start hitting those lifetime goals but participating in life with all the vigor and gusto that it deserves. If I am on this earth for only one lifetime, then I should really involve myself in life itself. So I began to really carpe diem; which, ironically now includes running.

I was talking to a girl on my soccer team, Sharon, yesterday about why I run. I was never the runner...still not really. I hated it even. So why run now? My father was always a runner. Many times as a young'n he would ask me to join him, but usually with the answer no. After I hiked the Appalachian trail, my father was so inspired by my sister and I's journey that he decided to hit a lifetime goal of his, to run a marathon. He chose the inagural year of the Akron Marathon and I was there cheering him on. I was so inspired that he could even try something that seemed so hard and finish it as well, the thought still gives a little jump to my heart. He managed to finish three marathons since then and numerous runs. Ironically, after his Leukemia diagnosis, we realized that he had already had the disease during that first marathon and all the runs after...and yet he still managed to do them.

I must say that I run because of my father. As of right now he is still in good health and running. This weekend my father and I completed the 9 mile Potato Stomp on Saturday and the Buckeye Half Marathon on Sunday. If a 57 year old man with Leukemia can run that much then I have hope for myself and my future. My father really participates in the fullest and he inspires me daily.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Training (Sept 1st- Sept 7th)
  • Sat Sept 1st: 16 mi run
  • Sun Sept 2nd: 30 mi bike
  • Mon Sept 3rd: 5 Mi Labor of Love Run
  • Tues: off
  • Wed: slow 3 mi run
  • Thurs: 19 mi bike Climbed 30 min
  • Fri: off

I need to start swimming, probably Monday mornings at the Rec...I miss open water swims already.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Anxious Patience

Antsy Pants.

Good description for me today. Paul woke me up at 6:30 am with a phone call from the Long Trail. It was the first time I have gotten to speak to him since he left and it made such a difference on how I was handling him being gone. It is almost as if not talking to him would be easier, out of sight-out of mind. Once again I miss Paul, but it is the missed hiking experiences that are really driving me nuts. To me, it is as if I cannot sit here going about "normal" life when I know there are mountains to climb...calling me with their feelings of calm simplicity, all the while I am going about my "norm".

So after class this morning I peddled for 19 mi hoping that some exercise would calm my antsy feeling. Unlikely, getting to see trees and hills just reminded me what I am missing. I am counting down the days until I graduate because this girl is going for a hike, whether two weeks or a month (or two). Slickrock lives, hidden, but she is there.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Laboring Through

Labor Day...another holiday excuse to run a race. This year and last I decided upon the Labor of Love 5 miler as my run choice. It is close to home, a little more of a distance than a 5K, and the proceeds benefit Akron Pregnancy Services. I am trying to incorporate more runs that actually fund raise for charity.

This weekend on Saturday I did a 16 mi run long run and on Sunday I chose to bike 19 mi with Brandon and 10 mi with my mother later on that evening. I tried hard to eat the needed carbs to get myself set for the 5 miler, which in my head was going to be an easy run...I had already run 16 mi this weekend, what is 5 miles. Wrong. I made some bad choices in recovery and I paid for it during the race.

Monday was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and the type of day we live for here in the northeast. I felt a little tired when the alarm went off at 6:30 am but I made myself get up to eat breakfast with enough time to digest it before the run. Soy milk and cereal is the new breakfast of choice, I am trying to eliminate dairy before any big events to see if my stomach likes me a little more. After breakfast a slow 20 minute morning yoga DVD was the key to stretching after my run & spins this weekend.

Pre-race I tried to jog slowly for 10 minutes, I could feel stiffness in my calf but I figured it would release some after a warm up but it still was tight when I began the race. The first two miles of the run were splits of 8:33 and 8:46 (which is good for me) and then at about mile 2.25 on a fairly steep uphill through Akron University, my calf began to cramp. I just kept thinking "You have got to be kidding me. " I had to walk for a couple minutes, massaging my calf as I went. Mile 3 split 11:43 (ouch). I began to slowly jog again, but my calf felt like it had a softball sitting in it, unfortunately this slowed my last to splits to 10:09 and 10:40, and I finished in 49:51, 3 minutes slower than last year and my worst run since the beginning of training this spring.

I watch a lot of really good runners run race after race, long run after long run, without that much trouble. It seems though, that my body needs a little more recovery time than I might like to believe, but at least I found this out on a short run instead of the upcoming half marathons that I am doing and especially for my marathon in October. I have to be smarter about allowing myself the time to heal before any race.

Lesson Learned.

This weekend is a the 9 mile potato stomp on Saturday and the Buckeye Half on Sunday.... and I am only allowing myself a 3 mi run on Wed and a short spin on Thurs. Today I rest. I need it.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Not Vermont Bound and Jealous

Today Paul left to finish the Long Trail in Vermont. It was a little under a year ago that he slipped on a rock on the same trail -his body fell one direction and his knee turned the other. The prognosis- he ripped the meniscus in his left knee. He came home early, without even calling and his face, it may be the first time I saw his spirit waiver. At the time everything seemed questionable; would he be able to hike again, would his knee allow him to do the things he loved: run, soccer, etc? Amazingly, he had surgery in which they removed his meniscus, he did some rehab, and here he is a year later heading out to conquer the Green Mountains again.


I am freaking jealous. OK, let me back up some.

Most of you know that I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2003 and I left Paul for 6 months to do so. He was so supportive but he wanted to be a part of it. So he vowed to do a thru hike somewhere. Why not the Long Trail- the first long hiking trail in the it is in the great state of Vermont. So last year he went without me...I was so ready to drop out for the semester and head up there too. The call of the woods is intense and I crave that tranquility it gives, more often then I let myself think about.

Of course these past two summers have been jammed with school, and guess hiking trips for me. I do get to lead trips at work, and a taste of the woods has been left lingering in the palette...but I have not hiked (I mean over 100 miles in one stretch) since May 05. Hence the slight jealousy. On the other hand...P will have a great time and that thought makes me smile.


Training (Aug 25th-Aug 31st)

  • Sat Aug 25th: 15 mi run
  • Sun Aug 26th: Soccer 30 min
  • Mon Aug 27th: off
  • Tues Aug 28th: 8 mi run
  • Wed Aug 29th: off
  • Thurs Aug 30th: 4 mi run, Climbed 30 min
  • Fri Aug 31st: Climbed 1 hr

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Beginning to an End

Fall semester begins for the last time, at least for me.

U of Akron has seen an increase of 6% this year and it was obvious as I drove around for 15 minutes looking for parking. Of course as these freshman begin, 25% will drop out by the end of the year and that at least leaves me with a parking spot in a few weeks. Sad but true.

I enjoy people watching and as I sat on the lawn and watched freshman frantically search for their classes, I was reminded on how I felt that first day of school. Now, a senior senior, I feel confident that this will all be over for me soon, but that first day was so scary, so overwhelming, which is probably why I could not handle it at 18. Now at 26, I dream of the day I will get that long anticipated diploma. It is within grasp of me now and what is really interesting is that I find myself scared, trepadacious of an oncoming career. Sort of like those freshman wandering around. I have to move on and find my place as a professional, which is scary in its own right.

A couple months ago I had one of those down days. The "blue for no particular reason" days that really suck the happiness from your usual upbeat demeanor. I sat looking at jobs on the computer and scanning possible vacancies in the area...and not one job was found that I could apply for with the credentials I have. If that is not scary I do not know what is. Paul came home to me staring at the computer and I just lost it. I was wondering what the hell I was doing with my life...was there really "hope" that I could make it in this field that was so exclusive? Thank goodness that I married a rational man, he just has this confidence in me that I cannot always find in myself and many times has made it possible for me to try for things that I would not normally go for. He got me calmed down and confident that something would work out...or at least hopeful again.

So here I am, down to the last months of this chapter in my life. Wow!

BTW...I ran 15 miles on Saturday morning, felt pretty good and started at 5:30 am...I might be making these early runs a funny.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Why this week...

After my amazing relaxing weekend, Paul and I came home Sunday on one of the raniest days I have seen this summer. The bike ride was nixed and it did not take very long to get the phone call that our soccer game had been cancelled because our field was flooded. So for the weekend I did a whole lot of nothing for training. It seems that something has not been in the stars this week for me to get out and do the things I love, at least as much as I might like too.

Total work hours this week: 36
Total CPR instructor class hours: 20
Total amount of time locked inside: 56 hours

This weekend looks bleak as well. The only good news for training this week is my running. I managed to wake up at 5:30 am on Tues and Thurs to run. For those of you who have ever dealt with my morning self know that I am incapable of speaking sentences let alone get up and run in the am. I was so proud of myself...In fact I even enjoyed it.

On Tues at 5:30 it was pitch black and pouring rain. I got up, put on my socks, shoes, shorts, shirt, and Paul's camo fishing hat (I needed a rain barrier for my IPOD) and started out on Sand Run in the dark. I kept thinking, "please do not let anyone see me, I look like a jackass". Ironically I saw about 4 men coming back from a run when I began (who knows what time they got there). I said my "hellos" & "goodmornings" and fell into my pace. I found I was running in a very meditative state, the fact that I could not see very well allowed me to exercise in self reflection and I found that three miles had passed with little effort. I was REALLY enjoying my morning. Not to mention, the three deer that passed startled in front of me and the racoon who looked surprised to see someone out in the morning weather. I love urban wildlife just as much as another.

I am thinking that these fairly positive runs in the morning will be just the thing to keep me on track for the semester. If I am at school and work from 10 am- 9 pm each weekday then I have to find the time to run...morning time. That way too, I will be exhausted at 9 pm and I might be able to trick my body to falling asleep a little earlier...well at least that is the plan for now.

As for the rest of this week, I am now an official Red Cross CPR, AED, First Aid Instructor and will be teaching my first class tommorow. Then on Sunday, a Fall 07 Student Orientation at work will be in order and hopefully some Paul and Julia time before he leaves for Vermont next Friday for two weeks. My calender is filled up and unfortunately it seems that Paul has been the one most neglected. OK, sometime I must put in some Paul time, I think more for me than for him.

Later Bloggers

Training Aug. 18th-24th

Training (Aug 18th-Aug 24th)

  • Sat Aug 18th: off (C-bus visit)
  • Sun Aug 19th: off (C-bus visit)
  • Mon Aug 20th: climbed 1 hour
  • Tues Aug 21st: 7 mi run
  • Wed Aug 22nd: off
  • Thurs Aug 23rd: 4 mi run
  • Fri Aug 24th: climbed 30 min

Monday, August 20, 2007

C-bus Retreat

School is done...well for a week anyway....well, kinda.

After 16 hard earned credits for summer school, The University of Akron has let us have a week off of classes before fall semester starts. And this girl signs up for a in-depth week long First Aid/CPR instructor course. Yep, so instead of just working part time hours and sleeping in this week, I will actually be at the University even more than this past summer and I picked up two shifts at work...Yep.

I am not trying to complain, because I do understand the value of the things that I do; I need more money...I work more shifts, I want a job...I make sure to fill that resume up with needed certifications. Makes sense and I realize this, but at the same time I feel as though I needed a vacation.

So what do I do....I spend the weekend in C-bus; budweiser factory, city life, and...oh BEST FRIEND! Much needed friend time that has been long overdue, for some reason I have very few girl friends up in the area right now and I needed to be able to hang with my girl, never mind the fact that I had not been out of Akron for too long of a time. I pretty much needed to get away, laugh, drink a little, and relax for a couple days and visiting Kate was just an added bonus. I just love that girl.

But my training this weekend did fall do people manage to fit in exercise when they are visiting a friend? Usually Kate would be up to running with me but a recent stress fracture has her unable to participate with me...I am hardly going to visit the girl and then leave her to go on a long run. Oh well. This week is going to be a hard week for fitting in training, at least swimming and biking. I just hate that this seems to always happen once summer is at the end; my schedule increases exponetially and my training do you all do it in blog land?

So we will see how things go for the week...maybe this really wet weather will slow down enough for me to ride the bike...maybe.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Training (Aug 11th-Aug 17th)
  • Sat Aug 11th: 13 mi run; 19.8 mi bike
  • Sun Aug 12th: Kayaked 1 hr, Soccer 30 min
  • Mon Aug 13th: off
  • Tues Aug 14th: 7 mi run
  • Wed Aug 15th: climbed 20 min
  • Thurs Aug 16th: 14 mi bike
  • Fri Aug 17th: 10 mi run; 14 mi bike

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finals Week..again


The sound that my brain is making as I make it through the last 2 finals of 16 credits of summer classes that I took. Why would I take a summer so full of classes? Because I want to graduate by MAY! That thought may be the only thing keeping me going right now, because if there was a definition for someone with senior-itis (that is the scientific name), that would be me right now. Now I realize some of you know the situation for why at 26 years old I am still hammering away at a degree and it is completely my fault but it does not make my burned out feelings any easier right now. 3 majors and 6 years of school later (I took some time off), I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. *Insert Hallelujah chorus here*

All I want is to be done. Is that sad that the quest for knowledge has led me to feel exhausted and bitter? Maybe but I realize now that college is more of just an avenue to get through before they will pay you any kind of real money for a job. That is not to say I am in a degree that will get a lot of money (just the opposite), but that I realize what it takes to get through school. I am just stating that I have learned to be a professional BSer and procrastinator, without actually learning that much (OK I have learned a lot but I forgotten a lot as well). I was never the best student. Yes, I will admit I love the last minute pressure to study, it is the only way I learn. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

At least Calvin gets my drift. It doesn't help that I do enjoy a lot of extracurricular activities and that a lot of my week now is spent training, but those moments in training allow me to spend those needed moments in front of my books and computer...who wouldn't want to go for a 7 mi run after spending hours staring at words, graphs, and pictures. I am just a girl who wants to enjoy my life. I do not want to regret missing things because I had to work my arse off. I much rather lose out for a job then actually compromise on the things that make me REALLY HAPPY. So maybe that is wrong for some people but in my belief we only have one life, live it.

If I just make it for this next 3, study, run, bike, swim, climb, study....

;0 )

Monday, August 13, 2007

Running, Volunteering, and Such

Weekends for me used to be the time when I would take it easy. Get the house chores done, maybe go for a little hike, but lately it seems the weekends are on the go. After my disappointing three days without much cardio, I started my weekend out right.

Paul and I got up on Saturday morning at 7:00 am to exercise; I, with a 13 mi run and Paul (because we could not afford the GCT Half -Iron) decided to do a brick 50 mi bike ride followed by an 8 mi run. It was much cooler than the previous few days and a whole lot less humid. I fell into my typical "comfortable" pace as I ran that morning. I enjoy the fact that I live right next to Sand Run jogging park. There is the running path (which I turn into 8 mi there and back by going to Summit Mall), the awesome trails, the towpath around the corner, and the valley to bike in down the street. I also love days off from work and school; these are the days that I can do double workouts without pushing the limits of getting things done before it is pitch black. I was done with my run before 10 am and I was able to enjoy a slow breakfast and shower and a 20 minute cat nap before heading out for my 19.8 mi bike loop in the valley. I cannot tell you how much I have started to really enjoy the bike. There is something to be said about pumping up a hill just to get to fly down the other side at 30-40 mph. I never thought that I would be one to enjoy those fast downhills, but hey, I do have a little fighter pilot in me.

Paul and I reconvened together for an easy afternoon. He was completely zonked when he got home and I was fairly tired as well, so after a nice shower and a cold ice bath for Paul we laid down for what I call one of the best little naps I have had in awhile. It feels good to relax after that kind of energy expenditures, kind of a special treat for the long workouts. As much as P and I wanted to sleep for the whole afternoon we knew that we would have to move as we had received tickets to Cleveland Brown's pre-season opener against Kansas City Chiefs. My father and his pops came with us as well. We had great seats-35 yard line, 10 rows back. As P said "You can hear the crunch of bones from the tackles." I had never been to the new stadium and it was a blast, albeit the guys in front of us dropping F-bombs every play. We left early as P and I were volunteering at the Greater Cleveland Triathlon as safety boaters and that would require an early start. But GO BROWNS-they won.

Alarm went off at 4 am and P and I were feeling a little groggy. We got some stuff together for the day and were off to meet my boss in Mentor, OH for the GCT. As we were setting kayaks up to be safety boaters, the sun was rising on what was to be a beautiful morning for the event. One of P and I's closest friends Brandon was going for his first Half Ironman distance and it was nice to be able to support him, all the while participating in one of the best volunteer experiences I have had. If you do not know the Greater Cleveland Triathlon has three lengths of triathlons;
sprint-0.5 mi swim, 12 mi bike, 3.1 mi run, international- 0.75 mi swim, bike 23 mi, run 6.2 mi, and half ironman- 1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run. The GCT is run by a guy that I have gotten to know through my outdoor adventure and running stuff named Mickey and he not only supports triathletes and sports in the area but has run and set up this great event for the past few years. If you are looking to do a tri, this is one I would definitely recommend.

Anyway, we loved getting to paddle around making sure people were safe and then wait to cheer Brandon on for the rest of his event. He finished in a little less than 5 hours and 45 minutes...WAY TO GO B! He rocked on his first IM and it was only his first triathlon season. P was a little jealous that he did not get to participate, but next year he will be and he was just really glad to see B do so well. After such a long morning I was hoping to be able to take a nap (I like to sleep) but B was a bit stiff and a little out of it, so P drove him home with me following behind. We all ended up going to Winking Lizard to get B some food and beer and to celebrate such an accomplishment.

After a beer and some food, P and I quickly said goodbye's to B and got ready for our soccer game. Our game was at 6:45 pm and it had just poured right before we got there, which made it muggy and hot instead of cooling things down. I have to say I was drenched with sweat in a matter of moments but it was fun. I enjoy these muddy games where everyone is slipping and sliding. We lost but not without some heart. Needless to say, P and I had one of the best sleeps of our lives.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Training: (Aug 4th-Aug 10th)

  • Sat Aug 4th 12 mi run

  • Sun Aug 5th 20 mi bike

  • Mon Aug 6th 1200 y swim Climbed 20 min

  • Tues Aug 7th 6 mi run

  • Wed Aug 8th Climbed 20 min

  • Thurs Aug 9th Off

  • Friday Aug 10th Climbed 30 min

Only the lonely

Today has been a rough day. I have not gotten to exercise since a 6 mi run on Tuesday, and I think that I feel a little in a funk from that. On Wednesday, I was at the school from 8am to 9pm, and no time to work out as I had a LAB for Exercise Physiology to work on when I got home. The weather Thursday was both blisteringly hot and humid and as soon as I came home from class the storms began. The rain has been pouring for over a day and even though it is nice out right now, I am at work until 5pm. I am not interested in running or biking because my long run and a short bike are in order for tomorrow. If I do any impact sports the day before my long runs I start getting this pain on the medial part of my tibia. This pain is a real annoyance. I know it is because I should get new running shoes but it seems that everything is just costing too much. I will suffer with my 6 month old $100+ pair of shoes for now, until I can save up.

This gets me to another point. Why does everything I enjoy cost so much? In theory it costs little to run, you do not necessarily have to pay to run, it takes very little amounts of clothes to run in, and it is outside (free to the world). Unfortunately. I found that I am paying quite a bit to run; $20 5Ks & 10Ks, $40 half-marathons, $60marathons, the hotels to stay in before the marathon, the new running shorts for every season, $100 running shoes every 6 months, hammer gels, hydration systems, going out to eat because you are too tired to cook. I think you get my drift. The funny thing is I never thought of myself as a shop-aholic, I am a simple kinda girl, but it is becoming more and more that I need the new gear, new shoes, new stuff; more than I might like to admit. Of course this monetary stuff for running doesn't include biking, hiking, tris, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and all the things that I enjoy doing and hope to do as a career.

Oh well. Happiness doing all these things...priceless.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Leafs a Changing

Recently, I have been a myspacer, but times they are a changing and I believe that today I will start an actual "adult" blog. Adult being the operative word, sometimes I feel I am a mature, respectable member of society but most days I like to play around and make fart jokes (Ok maybe not that crass but gaseous comic relief has been known to make me laugh from time to time)

I also wanted to begin a blog that tracks my training for runs, swims, hikes, climbs, etc. As well as a blog to watch my current jump from career student to actual career (scary, huh?) . So this will be a little of everything; the good, the bad, the ridiculous...a potpourri of random information about me and my life.

I am already very excited about my new blog as Blogger has already pointed out five spelling errors which, if I were writing on Myspace, would have already been overlooked and then posted.

OK---Onto new things.

I was in the paper yesterday. Not your high level New York Times or Boston, the AKRON BEACON JOURNAL. Not many days that your ass can be found on the upper right hand corner of the paper.

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Yep...that is me. Spiderwoman...sort of. In an article about alternative exercise.

Taking my moment in the sun, yep, there it was. Off my self selfishness.

Later Fellow Blogsters and Readers.