Friday, September 14, 2007

Training (September 8th- September 14th)

  • Saturday Sept 8th: 9 mi Potato Stomp Race
  • Sunday Sept 9th: Buckeye Half Marathon & soccer 45 min
  • Monday Sept 10th: Climbed 1 hr
  • Tuesday Sept 11th: off
  • Wednesday Sept 12th: 9 mi run
  • Thursday Sept 13th: off
  • Friday Sept 14th: off

My knee is hurting a bit, I think from all the running plus a long soccer game on Sunday. Hopefully this weekend at the Air Force Half Mary I will be feeling good.


B Bop said...

Over 30 miles for the week!! :-)
Good luck @ the Air Force half!!!

Em said...

Dang. You are a beast. Amazing!
Miss you and wish I could be with all of you!