Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Doctor Doctor

Went to the doctor at 10:30 this morning.

This appointment took them 45 minutes to get me in to see the doctor and another hour and fifteen mintutes to give me a prognosis:

He said running is done for 4-6 weeks-this includes soccer and anything that causes my knee pain.

He said it was likely a meniscus tear.

He said it was likely from soccer.

He said I am having an MRI this week.

He said I am not allowed to run the half or even the full mary.

He said...


B Bop said...

Dang J, sorry to hear this, but I'm glad you can now deal with it and move foreward. Better to rest now before it causes serious damage. Do you remember those folks collecting AG awards in their 60's and 70's last weekend?? I'm sure they've taken a few months off running now and again :-)

I bet you'll be one helluva swimmer come spring.

Em said...

Come see me and swim with me!!!!
I am aching with you...

E-Speed said...

I'm sorry to hear about your knee. Something like that you can totally recover from you just need to give it time. Mark Godale tore his meniscus while running in the Grand Canyon and had to be life flighted out and within 6 months he was back on the trails and he's still an amazing runner. Try to enjoy some of the alternative activities that you might not have been doing while focusing on running. Once you are allowed to run and play soccer again definitely work on all around leg strength. Women are notorious for getting injuries caused by our bodies not reacting well to a sport where we have to pivot quickly because we have weak quads.