Friday, October 5, 2007

MRI Results

Good news and Bad news...but the good news is better.

Yes there is a small tear on my lateral meniscus of my right knee, but no surgery needed. The doctor said I could begin to run as soon as all my pain was gone--good news. I guess the timing was just all wrong. No marathon...he said to wait at least another week before I begin running again and start out with a 2-3 mi slow jog (gag). I also need to take time to go to the gym to strengthen my quads to make up for the weak spot on my meniscus. So at least it worked out in my favor, no surgery is a REALLY good thing. Next year will be more opportunities for marathons and at least I know what happened.

Thanks for all of the love.


B Bop said...

Good news indeed!!

E-Speed said...

glad you don't need surgery! Slow running is better than no running!

Em said...

Hey - that's awesome by the way!
And did you hear from the people in Cleveland??? About a job???
I heard the interview went well...
Miss you!