Friday, October 12, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm...

Well here I am, sitting at work, pretty much the middle of October now. As of the end of this week I have taken 4 weeks off of running. My knee feels really good, and next Tuesday will be my inaugural re-entry to running. I have been swimming 2-3 days a week at the Nat here at the University, but I have no one to challenge me and I am bored with being inside. It will be nice to be back outside...even if it is rainy and cold. Part of me is a bit scared to get back into the swing of last long run was 18 miles and now, who knows where I am at. I am going to be back out though, because no matter how crappy I feel, I know that the beginning is always 2 years ago when I began running.

Funny how it is for me now to really want to be running but my body needs rest, a few years ago running was such a struggle and I would have liked an excuse to quit at, I have changed. I haven't biked for awhile either, my knee was hurting with the movement of peddling, so my doctor said to lay off of that until this next week as well. Hopefully there will be one more nice day for a bike ride before I put her in retirement for the season.

On a good note, my climbing has taken a jump in the right direction because of my knee I have been putting in about 2-3 hours/week of climbing in. I feel strong, and hopefully that will keep up, even when I am running. I was hoping to build a base of running to about 20-30 miles a week. This winter I refuse to train for a marathon. Last year, when I was training for Cleveland, the runs in the blizzard were enough to make anyone quit; plus, who wants to run on ice covered trails...blech. That way if I want I can run the Cleveland half, which puts me in a good routine by the time summer comes around...yes I am already thinking about summer.

Next year I hope to compete in my first marathon...FOR REAL...and I am planning (hope this does not jinx it) the Akron Full. Why leave town when I can sleep in my own bed. Who cares about time anyway, I just want to get one in!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

MRI Results

Good news and Bad news...but the good news is better.

Yes there is a small tear on my lateral meniscus of my right knee, but no surgery needed. The doctor said I could begin to run as soon as all my pain was gone--good news. I guess the timing was just all wrong. No marathon...he said to wait at least another week before I begin running again and start out with a 2-3 mi slow jog (gag). I also need to take time to go to the gym to strengthen my quads to make up for the weak spot on my meniscus. So at least it worked out in my favor, no surgery is a REALLY good thing. Next year will be more opportunities for marathons and at least I know what happened.

Thanks for all of the love.