Friday, September 21, 2007

Training (September 15th-21st)

  • Saturday September 15th: Air Force Half Marathon
  • Sunday September 16th: off
  • Monday September 17th: climbed 30 min
  • Tuesday September 18th: off
  • Wednesday September 19th: Walked 5 mi
  • Thursday September 20th: 1 hour Yoga, Walked 3 mi, Climbed 30 min
  • Friday September 21st: 15 min cycle ergometer sub-max test, off
Knee is feeling a bit better, a lot of Vitamin I and icing AND keeping off of it. I pushed my 20 mi run until tomorrow, which unfortunately is the day before my Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium 5K (hoping to PR...yeah right). Soccer might have to be put on the shelf if this knee is still acting up.

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