Monday, September 24, 2007

Knee report--On the Shelf: Running

So much for running..indefinitely.

Saturday morning woke up at 6:30 for my 20 mi run. Ate a nice meal of multigrain oatmeal, got all of my running nutritional needs together, charged my ipod, did morning yoga & a 7 minute yoga specifically designed for running and put on my brand new shoes (I got them right before the Air Force Half Mary and they have yet to finish a run with cannot call it a run if you walked most of it).

I headed out at 7:30 am for a clear, fairly chilly morning that I knew would turn into a fairly warm day. Even out that early cars were filling the parking spots and tons of people were already headed out for their long run or walk on such a beautiful day. I felt so energetic and was anxious to get in my first ever 20 mi day, I made sure to leave before Paul so that we could finish up around the same time (cause he is amazingly fast compared to me). Turned my ipod on to some RZA and headed out.

I felt soooooo good, my energy levels were high (probably because I took a full week off of my knee and my carbohydrate stores were replenished) and I was cruising through the first mile with a vigor that I had not felt in awhile. First mile had to be around 9 minutes, judging on how many songs passed. Suddenly, with just one step my knee twinged like never before and every subsequent step after was filled with a sharp shooting pain along the medial side towards the center of the knee joint. I knew I was done, I could barely put the weight of my body on it while walking. I solemnly walked toward the end of Sand Run knowing that Paul would pass by in the car soon to stash his water bottles. On the way I ran into my father, who walked with me until I was able to flag Paul down. He tried to cheer my obvious disappointment of the situation but I was on the verge of tears; the pain of my knee and frustration were too much at that moment.

I was definitely heart broken, my training has taken a complete stand least until I know what is going on with knee. Sunday I tried to run the Nat 5K as I was already pre-registered, only to find that my knee only allowed about 1 mi of running before going out again.

This situation is frustrating as this is the second time that I have been training for a marathon that I have had to cease training. Once in the spring and now in the fall and I really wanted to get my first marathon in before the end of this year. I realize that I know nothing yet, at least what is going on with my knee but I am fearful that this may be the end of my season...and I am not ready for that yet. At the same time I have to mentally prepare myself to know that I may not be able to run the full Columbus, that this may not heal in time.

So what is the plan? Try to get into a sport med doc before my Akron half mary this weekend (of course I already paid for this one too). Then, well, I guess move forward. I am going to swim this week, already planned that for tomorrow and Thursday and we will see what the week brings me.

I need some good juju sent this way and hopefully everything will work out. I will keep everyone updated.


Erin Sigler said...

My heart ached a bit to read this entry. You are in my thoughts.

I love you.


Em said...

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

I'm praying for you - for healing, for peace, for patience, and just cause.

I hate this for you. And I echo what Erin says, "heart ached a bit".

B Bop said...


I hope you make it to the starting line in C-bus. Keep us posted on the trip to the Doc.