Monday, September 3, 2007

Laboring Through

Labor Day...another holiday excuse to run a race. This year and last I decided upon the Labor of Love 5 miler as my run choice. It is close to home, a little more of a distance than a 5K, and the proceeds benefit Akron Pregnancy Services. I am trying to incorporate more runs that actually fund raise for charity.

This weekend on Saturday I did a 16 mi run long run and on Sunday I chose to bike 19 mi with Brandon and 10 mi with my mother later on that evening. I tried hard to eat the needed carbs to get myself set for the 5 miler, which in my head was going to be an easy run...I had already run 16 mi this weekend, what is 5 miles. Wrong. I made some bad choices in recovery and I paid for it during the race.

Monday was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and the type of day we live for here in the northeast. I felt a little tired when the alarm went off at 6:30 am but I made myself get up to eat breakfast with enough time to digest it before the run. Soy milk and cereal is the new breakfast of choice, I am trying to eliminate dairy before any big events to see if my stomach likes me a little more. After breakfast a slow 20 minute morning yoga DVD was the key to stretching after my run & spins this weekend.

Pre-race I tried to jog slowly for 10 minutes, I could feel stiffness in my calf but I figured it would release some after a warm up but it still was tight when I began the race. The first two miles of the run were splits of 8:33 and 8:46 (which is good for me) and then at about mile 2.25 on a fairly steep uphill through Akron University, my calf began to cramp. I just kept thinking "You have got to be kidding me. " I had to walk for a couple minutes, massaging my calf as I went. Mile 3 split 11:43 (ouch). I began to slowly jog again, but my calf felt like it had a softball sitting in it, unfortunately this slowed my last to splits to 10:09 and 10:40, and I finished in 49:51, 3 minutes slower than last year and my worst run since the beginning of training this spring.

I watch a lot of really good runners run race after race, long run after long run, without that much trouble. It seems though, that my body needs a little more recovery time than I might like to believe, but at least I found this out on a short run instead of the upcoming half marathons that I am doing and especially for my marathon in October. I have to be smarter about allowing myself the time to heal before any race.

Lesson Learned.

This weekend is a the 9 mile potato stomp on Saturday and the Buckeye Half on Sunday.... and I am only allowing myself a 3 mi run on Wed and a short spin on Thurs. Today I rest. I need it.


B Bop said...

Going long whilst staying within your base is one thing....but during build phases things can get very touchy. Cramps are better than strains, believe me.

Can't wait to hear 'bout the potato stomp!!

Em said...

Of leg cramp.
Have hip and ankle cramp from walking on the side of my foot though.
Man - I am excited about this weekend for you and dad!