Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Leafs a Changing

Recently, I have been a myspacer, but times they are a changing and I believe that today I will start an actual "adult" blog. Adult being the operative word, sometimes I feel I am a mature, respectable member of society but most days I like to play around and make fart jokes (Ok maybe not that crass but gaseous comic relief has been known to make me laugh from time to time)

I also wanted to begin a blog that tracks my training for runs, swims, hikes, climbs, etc. As well as a blog to watch my current jump from career student to actual career (scary, huh?) . So this will be a little of everything; the good, the bad, the ridiculous...a potpourri of random information about me and my life.

I am already very excited about my new blog as Blogger has already pointed out five spelling errors which, if I were writing on Myspace, would have already been overlooked and then posted.

OK---Onto new things.

I was in the paper yesterday. Not your high level New York Times or Boston, the AKRON BEACON JOURNAL. Not many days that your ass can be found on the upper right hand corner of the paper.

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Yep...that is me. Spiderwoman...sort of. In an article about alternative exercise.

Taking my moment in the sun, yep, there it was. Off my self selfishness.

Later Fellow Blogsters and Readers.


B Bop said...

I was looking all over for that pic, couldn't find it. I'll have to look though the paper the next time I'm at the library, which may just be tonight as I'll be vegin' out tomorrow.

Em said... are famous!
This is my sister...yep.
Love you.