Friday, August 24, 2007

Why this week...

After my amazing relaxing weekend, Paul and I came home Sunday on one of the raniest days I have seen this summer. The bike ride was nixed and it did not take very long to get the phone call that our soccer game had been cancelled because our field was flooded. So for the weekend I did a whole lot of nothing for training. It seems that something has not been in the stars this week for me to get out and do the things I love, at least as much as I might like too.

Total work hours this week: 36
Total CPR instructor class hours: 20
Total amount of time locked inside: 56 hours

This weekend looks bleak as well. The only good news for training this week is my running. I managed to wake up at 5:30 am on Tues and Thurs to run. For those of you who have ever dealt with my morning self know that I am incapable of speaking sentences let alone get up and run in the am. I was so proud of myself...In fact I even enjoyed it.

On Tues at 5:30 it was pitch black and pouring rain. I got up, put on my socks, shoes, shorts, shirt, and Paul's camo fishing hat (I needed a rain barrier for my IPOD) and started out on Sand Run in the dark. I kept thinking, "please do not let anyone see me, I look like a jackass". Ironically I saw about 4 men coming back from a run when I began (who knows what time they got there). I said my "hellos" & "goodmornings" and fell into my pace. I found I was running in a very meditative state, the fact that I could not see very well allowed me to exercise in self reflection and I found that three miles had passed with little effort. I was REALLY enjoying my morning. Not to mention, the three deer that passed startled in front of me and the racoon who looked surprised to see someone out in the morning weather. I love urban wildlife just as much as another.

I am thinking that these fairly positive runs in the morning will be just the thing to keep me on track for the semester. If I am at school and work from 10 am- 9 pm each weekday then I have to find the time to run...morning time. That way too, I will be exhausted at 9 pm and I might be able to trick my body to falling asleep a little earlier...well at least that is the plan for now.

As for the rest of this week, I am now an official Red Cross CPR, AED, First Aid Instructor and will be teaching my first class tommorow. Then on Sunday, a Fall 07 Student Orientation at work will be in order and hopefully some Paul and Julia time before he leaves for Vermont next Friday for two weeks. My calender is filled up and unfortunately it seems that Paul has been the one most neglected. OK, sometime I must put in some Paul time, I think more for me than for him.

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Melissa B said...

Reading your blog has really worn me out! You go Julia!

B Bop said...

Nice job on the A.M. workouts...I may try and get on that bus this fall.

B Bop said...

And for A.M. workout motivation.....