Friday, August 24, 2007

Training Aug. 18th-24th

Training (Aug 18th-Aug 24th)

  • Sat Aug 18th: off (C-bus visit)
  • Sun Aug 19th: off (C-bus visit)
  • Mon Aug 20th: climbed 1 hour
  • Tues Aug 21st: 7 mi run
  • Wed Aug 22nd: off
  • Thurs Aug 23rd: 4 mi run
  • Fri Aug 24th: climbed 30 min


B Bop said...

Looks like a recovery week :-)

I'll see you and P tonite @ the housewarming I suppose?? Woop Woop!

Julia said...

Not a real recovery week, but oh well.

B Bop said...

Impromptu recovery weeks work just as well....and are quite necessary. I think that my (lack of) a proper recovery week during my HIM peak lead to problems (fevers, immune system issues, etc.)