Monday, August 20, 2007

C-bus Retreat

School is done...well for a week anyway....well, kinda.

After 16 hard earned credits for summer school, The University of Akron has let us have a week off of classes before fall semester starts. And this girl signs up for a in-depth week long First Aid/CPR instructor course. Yep, so instead of just working part time hours and sleeping in this week, I will actually be at the University even more than this past summer and I picked up two shifts at work...Yep.

I am not trying to complain, because I do understand the value of the things that I do; I need more money...I work more shifts, I want a job...I make sure to fill that resume up with needed certifications. Makes sense and I realize this, but at the same time I feel as though I needed a vacation.

So what do I do....I spend the weekend in C-bus; budweiser factory, city life, and...oh BEST FRIEND! Much needed friend time that has been long overdue, for some reason I have very few girl friends up in the area right now and I needed to be able to hang with my girl, never mind the fact that I had not been out of Akron for too long of a time. I pretty much needed to get away, laugh, drink a little, and relax for a couple days and visiting Kate was just an added bonus. I just love that girl.

But my training this weekend did fall do people manage to fit in exercise when they are visiting a friend? Usually Kate would be up to running with me but a recent stress fracture has her unable to participate with me...I am hardly going to visit the girl and then leave her to go on a long run. Oh well. This week is going to be a hard week for fitting in training, at least swimming and biking. I just hate that this seems to always happen once summer is at the end; my schedule increases exponetially and my training do you all do it in blog land?

So we will see how things go for the week...maybe this really wet weather will slow down enough for me to ride the bike...maybe.

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