Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have been having the oddest dreams lately...regarding MS, my diet changes and healing.  Last night was a particularly odd one - I won't get into the details because honestly you will think I am crazy, but it was very interesting.  

This morning I woke up with a burning feeling in my brain - I wonder to myself if I can feel my nerves being attacked by my body.  I want to brush that thought away, but the burning continues.  I want to forget that I have this thing but little tingles, intermittent numbness & burning make me wonder.  

I am left feeling off this morning - if that is the most annoying thing about MS is the uncertainty.  I want/need to live in the moment, because at any moment things could be drastically different than they are right now.  Right now is a 100% different than last year at this time (regarding my emotional and physical self).  So you can see the dilemma - how do you get a secure stable feeling if everything is not stable?  Yep, having an I HATE MS day.

On another note, my wonderful sis decided to run the Akron Marathon for MS.  If you would like to donate to her fund-raising you can at her page .  

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