Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weather oh Weather

What a wonderful week of weather we have had and are looking forward too.  I did finally get a chance to run after a week and a half of no workouts.  The stars aligned (or more like I was able to skate out of work at 5 - which never happens) and I headed out for a slow 3 miler (60 - 70 % MHR).

Ohio becomes alive when the weather breaks, or as my student who is from Chile says, "You appreciate the weather so much more here because it stinks for 5 - 6 months of the year."  

I really enjoy where I live (not the house but the location), it is in the valley and when I look out my living room window all I see is a large cascading hill - which I refer to as my mountain.  I also live a short walk/jog from Sand Run Jogging Trail and this is where I headed out yesterday.  Although I brought my camera with me (I am determined to take more pictures), I got lost in my head during the run and forgot to take a single snapshot.  So I will leave you with a couple of professional shots of Sand Run and what I get to see in the summer (the leaves are not out completely).  

View of the Ford from the trail
 Jogging Trail Bench - look at the green!

I hear a lot of people comment on how much they hate Ohio (poor economy and rough winters can make a person jaded) but really, how could you hate Ohio?  It keeps me painfully aware of reality during the winter and by the time spring and summer are here; I take not one sunny day, leaf and smile for granted.  Plus we have an AMAZING park system and outdoor activity community! :)

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Erin Sigler said...

I´ve been missing these parks lately...especially how safe I felt running in them..Ohio´s certainly got a part of my heart :) And you are very lucky to live so close to Sand Run! Happy early Easter Jay, I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!