Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Workout Update

Monday March 22 - Sunday March 28

Mon - Sun:     A whole lot of nothing! 

I was pretty sick all week (third cold since Dec - not good) and it took all of me to get through work, let alone do any workouts.  Plus I am pretty sure this is what my doc meant by take care of yourself and not to overdue it - I made sure to give myself plenty of vitamins and rest.  This next week's weather is supposed to be amazing and I hope to be out and about.

Also, as a cap to the week, I threw out my neck - I guess that is what you call it, I woke up Sat. morning and could not move my neck to the right... so I am hoping to get that worked out as well.  At this point I was laughing to myself, 'what else can I get?'  I mean really, have I not been dealt enough, could the fates spare me the kinked neck and a week long cold?

The best thing this week was that we purchased a new grill (very exciting - cause nothing screams good weather like grilling).  Our old one was awful and after some research we decided to go with the Weber Genesis e-310.  It was amazing, last night we cooked some chicken and it cooked evenly, who new that grills could do that.  I know, my life is SO exciting. :)

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