Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Workout Update

Monday March 8 - Sunday March 14
  • Monday Mar 8 - off
  • Tuesday Mar 9 - 4.5 mi run
  • Wednesday Mar 10 -1 hour trainer ride
  • Thursday Mar 11 - off
  • Friday Mar 12 -off
  • Saturday Mar13 - 1 hour yoga
  • Sunday Mar 14 - 3 mi run
Wow, what a difference a little better weather has on me.  I slightly overdid it on Tuesday (the weather was PERFECT) with a 4.5 mi run and half of that being up hill.  I was a little sore & tired for Wed & Thurs, but I could not help it with this weather.  Over all this has been a good week, I felt fairly energetic and I feel like I am getting my legs under me.  I also listened to my body when I over did it on Tues, using a recovery spin out on Wed and taking Thurs & Fri off for muscle recovery.

Spring Training Plans:
This next week starts my pre-pre training for the AK -Marathon.  It will begin a really slow build of mileage, with a little speed work in the mix - something to focus on when the cold spring rains come down.  I am also sticking with my heart rate training which means my slow long runs on the weekend are actually REALLY slow, I think someone could pass me walking.  I am hoping that my aerobic capacity will increase and in turn mean that 60 - 70 % of my MHR will eventually mean a more normal running rate.

I finally ordered clip-less pedals and shoes for my road bike - I know, I know long time coming.  I hope that this means a little more time on the bike this year, I neglected my roadie last year to learn to mountain bike, but this year with decreased vision I think I will make it a little more even between the two.  I am a little nervous about my depth perception and mountain biking, but I will try it out a few times.

Swimming has come to a stand still right now, I have not been motivated to get into the chlorine - I guess I am ready for some open water.  I am hoping to get into the pool at least once a week, but there is no definite goal that I am reaching for.  Still trying to decide if I am even going to do a tri this summer...we will see.

I will be attending the CTC Spring training camp (April 16- 18 at Mohican) and hopefully that will help to tune in some skills.

Race Plans:
Sat May 8 - Emerald Crossings 4 mi Trail Run
Mon May 31 - Tallmadge Memorial Day 5 K
Sun June 6 - Twinsberg Duathlon
Sat June 19 - Jim Klett 10 K
Sat July 3 - Stow Firecracker 4 mi
Sat July 10 - Mohican 11 mi Xterra Trail Race
Sun Aug 29 - Buckeye Half Marathon
Sat Sept 18 - Air Force 10K
Sat Sept 25 - Akron Marathon

I am sure a few more may get added here and there, but this is a fairly good schedule for me to start with.

With the sun out and a nice run last week, I finally felt like it is running season!

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KimZepp said...

Clipless pedals and shoes! Bring on the nice weather so we can go ride!