Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yummy Food

My mother and father are heading out for a week in Ireland (so jealous) and I wanted to say goodbye.  Unfortunately, I was working too much this week to actually see them.  I was talking to my mother and she said that restaurant Vegiterranean, which is already a vegan restaurant, has gluten free selections as well.  So I decided since it is close to my job to meet her there for lunch.  Now this is a big deal because so far I have only eaten out once for the month and half since I have been dairy & gluten free and the meal was so-so at best.

At first I was put off by all the meat knock off items and soy cheeses, I mean how could that be good, but I was totally surprised at how good it was.  I ordered the Ghoulardi Gluten-Free pizza; which included olives, banana peppers, red onions, wild mushrooms, spicy marinara and soy mozzarella.  Holy cow, it really hit that pizza craving and the soy cheese actually tasted like normal cheese (of course they do not pile it on too crazy).  I also felt somewhat normal for a second, just going out to eat like it is a regular occurrence.

Anyway, I wanted to plug such a good restaurant; local, dairy free (with gluten free choices) and yummy!

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KimZepp said...

Yea for a good lunch! :)