Wednesday, January 23, 2008


And so begins the long arduous task of beginning to work out continuously for the New Year. After injuries and frustrations...too much food and 5 lbs of weight gain (ouch). I am back on track for working out.

This year is a bit different then the last. First of all, I quit soccer.

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to the sport I love, after injuries were adding up and I was constantly "laid" up with one kink or another (After one bad kick would leave a charley horse for days, one bad trip would make the knee swell to the size of a tennis ball). I am getting older and perhaps a bit wiser about my body and that means to actually work out at a constant and steady rate---then soccer had to be put to bed. A decision that was not easy but that my body will thank me more ways then one.

So now for the past two weeks I have put in 4 days a week of running and two days a week of climbing. Swimming and stationary biking will be put into the fold next week.
I already feel better. The run I had this morning in 10 degree weather was the best I have had in months. I felt energetic, realistic, quiet, and happy. Nothing hurt and I felt great. I wore no watch, and I just enjoyed it. I remember this feeling, now just the slow build up of health until I peak once again.

I will now leave you with some more pictures from Christmas...these of Paul and I playing in the water...


B Bop said...

As tough as it is to quit playing a game you love, your body will thank you.

Em said...

Wow - I'm proud of you!
I get my pin out tomorrow. I can't WAIT!

LOVE the pics of you and Paul in the water...I hadn't seen those yet. What a great way to end the vacation!