Friday, July 16, 2010

The past few weeks

Mourning the loss of your dog is harder than I had imagined.  It took over a week for me to not cry at least once a day about it.  Those emotions have been stretched out lately, but they are still here - I guess you never stop loving or missing someone (even your dog).

To keep me from falling into even more of a low than this year has already beat me into, I managed to work extra and go on vacation.

Vacation was wonderful - I went to Florida to visit my sister in Pensacola.  Usually I would avoid going to FL at the hottest time of the year, but I also had the chance to meet with 5 of the people that I hiked the AT with (and that never happens).

So without further time, here are my past few weeks in photos (some of vaca - some of just stuff).

Lauren and I at PHISH
My sister's car getting saran wrapped by her students

AT Reunion at PF Chang's in Gulf Breeze, FL
Ketchup doing her favorite thing - eating Ketchup ;)
Blue Angels on Pensacola Beach
Me with a Blue Angel in the back - notice how dark the water is...oil. :(
Sis and I - water still dark (on this side of the beach)
The light sand is what the beach should look like, the dark part is oil water residue
An oil glob
Hilton Sign on your way back in...
Where we got fresh fish for the week - yum, yum
Paul and I on a non-oily section of the beach
More Blue Angels at the beach (we saw them twice)

Em and I at Fort Pickens National Seashore
Paul and I getting in the water

As for other things, I managed two runs while in Florida, one 12 miler in extreme heat and humidity (that I survived it was amazing).  Also, my diet of no gluten & dairy has been going strong, I have been meaning to write a blog about it - one of these days.


KimZepp said...

I LOVE the pics of you and Paul in the water. (Well, the clean parts of the water. :-) )
Your sis's car in saran wrap is too funny!! I've never seen that done before.
So glad you were able to get away and have fun and chill!

erin said...

looks like a nice vacay!

miss you guys...wish you had been on our beach!