Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Running pictures AK marathon & Towpath

 Before the race sister silliness

Team Julia

 Team Julia and the back of the shirts

Two beautiful women in my life; my sister and bestest

 Taking pictures during the race (yes, I carried a camera)

 Grandma at mile 1

Running with Dad - Mile 7
 Friends at Mile 9

 (Thanks Kim - Pand I at Mile ~24 - note I stopped taking pictures)

The End - Ak Marathon snapped this as we ran in, my favorite pic

Sometimes it is nice to cheer on family and friends on their runs, so Paul and I headed down to the Towpath Marathon - look at the Fall leaves!

 Dad giving me a high five in the Towpath 10K

 My mother-in-law Sue running her FIRST half-marathon (she started running in her 50s)

Dad's Finish
 Sue's friend Diane in her first half marathon

 Sue's Finish

 Sue's finish from behind

P and her chatting


Have Myelin? said...

I LOVE the picture you referred to as "The End".

I think I could run perhaps a 3 yard marathon...LOL.

erin said...

you really need to get the high res file of that pic from the marathon people and blow it up for your house...i'm not one to decorate with portraits, but i wouldn't call that a portrait...it's just a great picture!