Thursday, February 3, 2011

1 year anniversary

Ok, so it has been one year since I have been gluten and dairy free.  Still learning, still mentioned before.  So I want to take the time to list some of my favorite meals and pre-made foods that have made this year easier than I thought.
Yummy Pretzels (Glutino Pretzels)

I love these pretzels, taste just as good as regular.  Not missing a thing.

Favorite Bar (Kind Bars)
So tasty and so good for you!

Favorite Bread (Udi's Sandwhich Bread)
Taste & Texture are almost the same as regular bread and they do not need to be frozen!!!  Yummy :)
Favorite Granola (Udi's wins again with their Cranberry Nut)
For some reason all other gluten free granola's have a weird texture... this taste like the real thing!
Favorite already prepared frozen food (Tandoor Chef Pad Thai)

The flavors are sooooo good and for only $3.50 I have a meal for lunch!
Favorite Pasta (Tinkyada - only pasta that taste's like the real thing, DON'T try any other brand)
Sometimes you need to 'carb' up and man, these are great!
Favorite Restaurants (There are quite a few; Altieri's, PF Changs. Chipolte, Rusty Bucket & Vegiterranean)

OK, so all of these offer GF/DF options and that makes it worth it on my part!
Best place to find recipes (CooksIllustrated - my mom bought a membership)

They are not all GF/DF recipes, but they test them and perfect them.  Many of them are GF/DF by nature or can be adapted)

Best Cream Substitute (Light Coconut Milk)
The only thing that really gives a creamy texture and no it does not taste like coconut!
Best butter sub (Earth Balance)
I have tried lots, not butter but pretty dang close!
Favorite Bakery & Food (Mom's)

My sis, mom and I - My sister made awesome GF/DF soft pretzels and my mom - well what doesn't she bake for me (She perfected the GF/DF pie, breads, cakes, dumplings, cookies, soups, main dishes, sides...phew, she should go into business).  Their love and effort has just made everything easier.  LOVE THEM!!!


Bibliotekaren said...

Congrats - it's quite a ride, eh? I think it's something like two and a half years for me.

In regards to pasta, I favor quinoa pasta over rice -- not as mushy.

And, Flax 4 Life muffins are the best -- way better than Udi's imo. I'd eat them regardless of GF or not:

Yes, to Chipotle. That's my comfort food.

Am curious, did you do any testing or just self-testing?

erin said...

that's awesome...i'm glad you have so many options for these things...and that some of them aren't so bad!...i'm sure this would have been really hard 20 years ago, but it sounds like even then your mom would have found a way to make it easier and delicious for you! :)

that's nice of you to post what works, that all the horrible trying and money-wasting out of it for others!

Adventures with MS said...

Yes, I did self-test. Still tuning into things that affect me. I chose the two highest triggers (gluten & dairy). I may also have some legume issues, but I wanted to really wanted to go a year of GF/DF before removing anything else.

jgross616 said...

I hesitate to comment since I generally just lurk on any positive MS-related site I can find, but I just had to say I stumbled on your blog tonight through, and oh, can I relate!! To a lot, actually. I'm up in Cleveland, and in April '09 got the diagnosis of "CIS," aka probable MS, in the span of about 2 weeks. Considering I was 29, engaged, and in the habit of doing crazy bootcamp workouts, it was both stunning and a bummer, to say the least. Since then, I've started the Swank diet and slowly returned to working out as I used to. It's different, but so far, so good. In all honesty, your blog gives me a lot of hope that I can make it too. :) You've definitely gained a reader, and hang in there!

Adventures with MS said...

jgross - I was nervous too and I am very careful to take the night off if I feel unusually tired or if there is a lingering headache, but I have to say, my body has responded fairly well to exercise. My goal is to do as much as I can for as long as I can and adapt to new issues. Keep at it and let me know how things are going!