Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter 08 in Review

Well since I find myself taken so much lately by two jobs and the final semester, I thought I would show what I have done the past few months with pictures.

New Year's Eve
Sarah (Bill's Fiance), Paul, Me, and Bill (P's Brother)

The New Kittens Clive and Cassidy

Cassidy getting a ride from P

C& C Music Factory and Mingus

The Group I Lead to Backpack in Oil Creek State Park

Eating Lunch at Oil Creek SP
Hiking Out From Oil Creek

Snowshoeing On My Street During The Blizzard of 08

Horsing Around In The Snow

Moms Came Out to Cheer Me On at the Shamrock 5K

Overdressed at the 5KShowing How Big The Piles of Snow Are At the 5K

Snowshoeing Sunday after the Blizzard

Snowshoeing at the Golf Course

Letting the Mingus and the Neighbor Dog Play in the Snow

So that was January-February-Beginning of March. Hope the pictures were nice.

1 comment:

Em said...

They are, they are!
Do it again.
You look ALIVE!
I love you and wish you were with me while dad is at the conferences...