Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer is passing by

Where is it going?  Work and not feeling well.  

Ever since the week before the Twinsburg Duathlon I have had major vertigo, nausea (from the vertigo) and electric shock that runs my body when I lower my head.  GAWD!  I still managed a few workouts (including an 8 mi run) but not enough to really give you guys a weekly update.  My body is just so exhausted after working that I barely stay awake past 8 pm during the week.  I am ready to do things on the weekend, but something about mid week workouts has been tough.  

I was joined in my misery last week when my husband had tooth pain for an entire week (he finally went and got a root canal).  We were a fun bunch - me trying to eat with the feeling like I was going to throw up and him trying to only chew on one side.  We looked a little "special" if you ask me...hehe.

The new electrical shock symptom is called L'Hermittes Sign.  It is to difficult for me to describe so here is WebMD's description.
Lhermitte’s sign (also known as Lhermitte’s phenomenon) is the name given to a brief electric shock-like sensation that occurs when flexing or moving the neck. This sensation radiates down the spine, often into the legs, arms, and occasionally, the trunk.

At some point, about 38% of individuals with MS will experience Lhermitte’s sign, sometimes as a presenting symptom.  In MS this sign is considered a sign of active lesions on the cervical spine.  Lhermitte’s sign was named after Jacques Jean Lhermitte, the renowned French neurologist and neuropsychiatrist who first characterized it.

Note the bold area - am I supposed to assume that if this is true I am in active attack mode? :(  Dang it!  I am trying so hard to stay above everything with proper diet, a pound of supplements (or at least it feels that way) and extra sleep.  BUT, my stress levels are not down at work and I do not know what to do about this.  I wish we were rich and I could quit my job and take care of my body like I need to...but doesn't everyone?  Dreaming that I won the lottery won't help my stress levels - I just need to figure it out.

As for good news, I have amazing friends and family!!!!  I pretty much suck to be around lately and yet my hubby tells me I am beautiful and wonderful daily.  The women at my work try to protect me from the stress and send me beautiful notes telling me they will do anything to help.  One of my bestest friends Lauren (who is a massage therapist and gives me regular Reiki and massage treatments) - took care of me during a concert that was way to hot and I lost vision - she held my hand to make sure I got everywhere safely.  I am blessed, beyond belief by those who surround me...I just wish that I could make sense of it all.

A lot of MSers say to stay positive, but that sure is hard when you feel like shit.  I am trying, I really am, it just wears me down.


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Bear said...

Hey there. Sitting here with Palmer. She is looking at pictures of you and calling your name ;). Wish we were there to lend some face to face encouragement. Stay strong and focused, we are thinking about you!

allanjel said...

You ARE beautiful and wonderful!

I say if you wanna get all angry and pissed off, give yourself that chance. When you have a good spell of being angry I think that sometimes helps relieve what was building up inside.

No one can tell you how you feel and if you are mad, well then your mad. It is okay to get negative from time to time, just don't stay there.