Friday, April 4, 2008

Training March 29th-April 4th
  • Saturday March 29th: off
  • Sunday March 30th: ran 3mi, swam 6oo y (did not feel good)
  • Monday March 31st: ran 3 mi
  • Tuesday April 1st: 2000 y swim, 1 hour core strength class
  • Wednesday April 2nd: climbed 1 hr
  • Thursday April 3rd: off (not feeling well)
  • Friday April 4th: off (not feeling well)


allanjel said...

Where the heck are the last 2 weeks of training girlie? (JK)

Hope you enjoyed the tri on Sunday. I will be at the Du on Sunday in Hinkley...working it :)

allanjel said...
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