Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And the times they are a changin'

Updated the look of my blog today, it was about time.  Had fun making the header and am thinking I could change that more often now that I know how.

The picture of me is from our August two week hiking trip to New Hampshire this year.  I am hiking down the Tuckerman's Ravine trail off of Mt. Washington. 

For me mountains are a metaphor for my life. 

  1. An ascent that at first looks smooth turns out to have unseen dips and ridges and valleys.
  2. The higher you climb, the thicker the weeds, the harder it is to breathe.
  3. You need a clear vision of where you're going if you want to avoid getting disoriented by the clouds that roll in and block your view.
  4. You have to be determined to make it to the top. Otherwise every slip, stumble, and fall will give you an excuse to turn around and head home.

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