Monday, December 14, 2009


Our computer has died; it has been a long slow drawn out death. For weeks it has made horrid sounds as it tried to keep going, but alas it's end has come. Basically that means that I am updating these blogs at work-shhh.

I have been doing really well lately; the runs are starting, albeit slowly (I am up to 2 mi-whohoo). A far cry from my marathon training a long two months ago. I ran Saturday with the plans to run Sunday but the rain and cold and just general fatigue kept me lazy yesterday. My plans are to get to the NYE 5K (it is tradition) and then to work up to the Fool's 25K trail run (I really liked this on last year). Depending on how that training goes, I might sign up for the Rev3 Half Ironman, but I want to play it by ear. Originally that was going to be my plan, but hey life changes and I am on for the ride.

I am getting excited about the holidays, not only do I have 9 days off in a row but I am getting to spend (and get) some real holiday love with the family. I think this holiday (and everyone after this) will be just that much more wonderful because I am not taking anything for granted now. I am hoping for a white Christmas (enter song here), so that I can do some of this (oh how I love snow).
Happy Holidays to everyone!

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