Sunday, May 9, 2010

Race (err Run) Report - Emerald Crossing Trail Run

I finished my first race since last Oct, the Emerald Crossing 4 mi Trail run on Saturday May 8.  I have done this race since it started in 2008 and it has sentimental value to me.  All week I was nervous about racing; how would I feel, how will the weather be, will this cause another attack, etc.  I was smart and signed up quite a while ago so that I couldn't wimp out.

Saturday morning was brisk and windy; thunderstorms were a possibility.  I got dressed in anticipation, hoping that the weather would hold and that my body would hold and that I would feel good.  Running has become a family affair and my mother-in-law and dad both ran it as well.  Anyway, the race is a trail/road race near Cleveland airport and is a 3 lap/ 4mi distance.  As soon as we got the race director Mickey Ryzmek was letting everyone know that it was muddy, but at least the rain was holding.  I saw a lot of familiar faces from work, CTC and folks that I have met at races over the years.

At the start we were all ready to get going there were over 50 mph winds and it felt cold.  I knew I would only need a small layer if at all during the run but standing still was brutal. 

 The start of the run

I felt fairly good the first lap, running in 12:20 - unfortunately my heart rate was pushing higher than I would have liked (180 or 90% of MHR) and I had to remind myself to take it easy.  I finished the second and third laps at a much more reasonable rate of 15 min each at (160 or 70% of MHR).  I need to run these first few races and see how I felt before I try and 'push it'.  Anyway, the race was fun, the mud was thick enough in places to take a shoe off but that makes for an enjoyable race.  I finished in 42:44, not bad, not great, but I did it.

We had to take our shoes off to get into the awards...the mud :)

To top things off they had free chair massages and I was indulged to a nice backrub!

Most of all I was glad to finish my first race since my attack.  I am slower, more wobbly, my eyesight goes when my heart rate gets high - but at least my first hurdle is done on my journey to the marathon this year.  

I feel tired today, but who knows if that is the MS crap or just the fact that my aerobic capacity is not where it was last year...probably some combination.  I am listening to my body and taking it easy today, nothing like some yoga and a nap.


KimZepp said...

Good work Julia!

Erin Sigler said...

I can´t wait until we can run together again. Perhaps for the memorial day run in a year....I have been longing to run in sand run with you lately. Good times. I love you jay!