Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Workout Update

Monday May 17 - Sunday May 23
  • Monday May 17 - 5 mi run
  • Tuesday May 18 - off
  • Wednesday May 19 -1 hr indoor rock climbing
  • Thursday May 20 - 3 mi run
  • Friday May 21 - 1 hr indoor rock climbing
  • Saturday May 22 - 6 mi run
  • Sunday May 23 -10 mi road bike, 2 mi run (training clinic for Twinsburg Duathlon
What can I say, my body is coming back (should I be scared to say that?).  But really, my body has decided to like me, at least for this past week.

First, my running has been on track.  I did 3 runs this week and two were a 'longer distance'.  I am very thankful for my HR monitor.  I noticed a huge difference from the cooler run on Monday to the humid warm run on Saturday morning.  My HR shot up and I was forced to a 1 minute/mi slower pace to maintain the same HR from my Monday run (in keeping with the HR training that I am doing). Why?
Heat or high humidity can make many people with MS experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms. Doctors believe that this occurs because heat causes nerves (whose myelin covering has been destroyed from MS) to conduct electrical signals even less efficiently. - WebMD
On Wed and Fri I dragged my butt into the rock gym.  I was reminded that I have not climbed much in two years - my body was definitely struggling more than I might have liked - but it felt really good to be out there though and I am going to try to keep it up for the entire summer.  My goal is to climb a mile (99 times up our 53.5 ft wall) in that time.

I also got out for the Twinsburg Duathlon training on Sunday morning in the dense fog.  It was a nice easy rolling course (10 mi) with a short 2 mi run after.  I felt good on the bike, but was definitely feeling some fatigue on the run - maybe because I worked out more than I have in a long time.

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KimZepp said...

You had a busy week! Wish I could have joined you for the Du practice, but Matt did the TT in Deerfield and I had the kids. That was a LOT of fog!