Friday, November 13, 2009


I have made it through a week, next Monday I find out about my MRI results. I have been through all types of emotions this week; everything from happy, anxiety, exhaustion, fear, and anger. I don't always think about the worst "what if", quite contrary, most of the time I am happy and laughing. I think it hits me most when I am reminded about the possibilities of a disease that could take away some of my most treasured things; running and backpacking. The feeling is overwhelming when I think, "I am 28 years of age and my "prime" of life might have already passed."

Anyway, more news will come in a few days. For anyone who is interested this is what I am seeing through my left eye. Like someone has smeared a thick coat of Vaseline on my glasses.


KimZepp said...

When did you get the nice set of wheels? :-) LOL
I hope for good news on Monday.

E-Speed said...

thinking of you. I really hope that they can solve this for you.