Monday, November 23, 2009

Running with MS

MI am trying to make sense of everything by researching MS and running/triathlons...etc. It is a little disheartening that the only information found on "Running & MS" was a story about a woman's husband who was running before the diagnosis and ended up having to give it up (great) or another story about a woman training for a marathon with MS (have no idea how that ended) or that the few blogs I have found about it are people relatively new to the disease and all of them (the three I found) cut off at some random point and do not continue (did it all become too much).

Is MS really that rough that I cannot run? What is the difference between today and the marathon I ran two months ago? I felt REALLY good at the AK Marathon this year, leaps and bounds from the year before. In fact this has been a heck of a year for running so far...
  • January- Winter Buckeye Trail Half Marathon
  • March- Shamrock 15K
  • April - Fools 25K
  • Numerous Trail runs and short runs through summer
  • Sept - Buckeye Half and Ak Marathon
  • Oct- Best recovery month ever (felt energetic and healthy, until I got sick)

OK, so right now I have not run in a month, but I can take/understand that I need to heal right now. I just don't want to say that things will never happen again.

Tomorrow I make my way up to the Cleveland Clinic, I am hoping for some, well...hope. I want to be positive and cheerful and focused...I want that to be reiterated from the doctors. I want them to tell me to go for a run tomorrow (I am feeling better & crossing my fingers for this one).

I cannot even explain how weird of a time I am having right now, trying to come to grips with all of this while still working full time, taking care of a household, and trying to just live day to day in some "normalcy". Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that all of this has to do with me, I want to distance myself from the pity and love at times (I never was a attention whore). I also want to snap my fingers and go back to what I felt just a month a go...a long month a go.

Here's to hope!

BTW, I love that MS color is orange (one of my favorites).

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