Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 and such

Some of you might have noticed a disappearing post last week.  I published and then thought better of it and unpublished.  I am not going to lie, 2010 sucked a big one and I am scared of hoping for the new year.  I just am not sure how much I am willing to 'reveal' on here.  I want to be very honest about my struggles, but at the same time - my struggle is very individual and personal.  When I feel something and somebody gives their two-cents, it is not that they do not have valid points, it is more that I need to be allowed to feel something without it being diminished by somebody who has a healthy body, has things going well or cannot relate to where I am at currently.  You know the whole 'walk a mile in their shoes'.

So 2010 brought:
  • Accepting a new disease at the age of 28-29
  • Finding out that I am infertile and so far not looking very positive
  • Job was T-O-U-G-H on me emotionally
  • Both of my only living grandparents were in the hospital and may be pushing their last years
  • Put down the family dog (family member)
  • Husband was promoted twice and is now MIA in the police academy (Great for him, but lonely for me)
  • Finished my first marathon after my MS diagnosis (hoping that I can do a few more)
  • Dizziness that lasted 4 months early in the year
  • Diet changes and health awareness (both have helped, not always easy)
This past holiday was the toughest test to my diet yet (I had not changed my diet at this time last year).  My mom and sister were determined to make me feel like I was not missing anything (they did a great job) but there were still the times that you miss, the food that you miss and the family members who make you painfully aware of your struggles (if I hear that gluten-free tastes weird one more time...).  I am still on track though, so I guess I have that.


Peace Be With You said...

I appreciate your honesty. Good luck in the new year.

Adventures with MS said...

Judy, you are just one of those amazing people that I have met in blog land. Thank you for your honesty and beautiful poems!

KimZ said...

Yep. I noticed the missing blog. At first I thought it was my computer just not loading up. :)
While Paul is MIA we need to plan something.
You know, you don't complain even a fraction as much as most people who have NO reason to complain. Feel free to vent sometimes! (I hope that came out right.)
Let's hope for a GREAT 2011.

Bibliotekaren said...

2010 was a quite the year for you. Big scary and personal stuff. And, entering the gluten-free realm is big deal as well (2-1/2 years for me now). It really does help when family supports that. Looks like you're well surrounded with family love.

I am quite familiar with being fearful to hope. So I'll hope for you that things will calm down a bit and that there are more marathons in your future.