Monday, January 17, 2011

Positives 1/14-1/16

Friday, January 14.
  • I bought a CD I had been wanting for awhile
  • I enjoyed a delicious Chipotle meal (yea for GF/DF options there)
  • I enjoyed packing for my WFR.  Packing a backpack and going into the woods - my favorite.
Saturday, January 15 & January 16
  • WFR was great, since my body actually held up pretty well.  Tired but good
  • Braces, tractions splints, BUFF (Big Ugly Fat & Fluffy) splints were made & I remembered them well.
  • Last scenario was fun; full moon, snow and lots of fake blood and fake broken bones.


KimZ said...

So glad to hear your body treated you well for this weekend. :)

Bibliotekaren said...

Woot! WFR weekend done. So, do you still have to take the written test? WFR is a hefty cert to get and have.

Chipotle - my favorite.

Adventures with MS said...

Thanks guys - yay for the body working. I have decided that I much prefer 17 degrees and snowy to a hot summer day.

Donna, we had to take the written test before our final scenario. The final scenario was a 3 hour event from 4 - 7 pm. :) With a carry out. Luckily it was a pretty small girl with a femoral fracture, that was in shock when we got there.

Brandon said...

You've always got yourself and your uber-kindness. Well, that's a postive for us I guess...but you deserve that positivity, so perhaps you could also make it a positive for yourself that you are so uber-kind, eh?