Thursday, January 13, 2011

Positives for the day

Oh yeah and one more resolution.  My positives for the day.  What are those you ask, well something(s) big or small that is a positive thing in my life that day.

January 13, 2011 Positives
  • I woke up with a lot of energy today
  • I could stretch my hamstrings oh that little bit farther after 5 days of yoga in morning and night
  • The person that was dropping the ball at work finished two projects for me today
  • I saw the sun peak out twice (which is a lot for NE Ohio)
  • Someone left some gluten free/ dairy free animal crackers on my desk.
  • My student employees borrowed my lap top, went onto my facebook page and put a funny status up - "I smell like BO and subway"(what a great joke)
  • I had a gym workout (squats, pull-ups, dips, etc) and am sore in a good way
  • I had a good eyesight day (I know that is weird but some days my eye is better than others...Oh MS, silly disease)
Not bad for one day.  I will take it.


Lee-Anne said...

Very positive - well done!

Em said...

I LOVE you!!!