Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Body is Able

I never thought much of exercise mantras, probably because I have never been very competitive.  I love a good running race or triathlon, but I guess I was never fast enough to get SUPER aggressive with it.  After a complete switch in focus of training (trying to keep above MS and take care of my body at the same time), I realized a mantra was just what I needed.

The other night was my longest run to date (3.5 mi-I know sad), and at 3 mi I felt completely exhausted and a bit upset that my body was failing me.  To myself I repeated,"My body is able," over and over until I finished my run.  I was amazed at how that allowed me to dig deep and finish.  I finally see what they mean by sports psychology.

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KimZepp said...

Glad you got through that last 1/2 mile. :)
I have one song line I sing over and over to pull me though some tough parts of runs. (Not out loud, of course - only in my head.)