Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What, you can't have beer?

I gave myself until the end of January to get everything together for my gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle.  I decided to hold off on going Legume-free, because it is difficult to give up so much at once, but I am moving forward on the new diet changes.  I started this month off by beginning to experiment with recipes, menus and what to eat for snacks for all of this new stuff.  Actually it is a lot easier than I thought, as long as you cook with simple fresh ingredients, it is pretty easy to eat well.

If you know me then you know that the two biggest things that I have to give up is beer (I love a good beer) and cheese (brie, sweet brie).  There are no good substitutions for either of these and I am going to have a bit of mourning before I am ok with that.  A few years ago when I was watching LA Ink, a guy came in to get a memorial tattoo of cheese.  He had had a major car accident which left him without part of his intestines and he could no longer digest the lovely, gooey cheese which made him happy.  So he decided to get this memorial tattoo, to really express how much he LOVED cheese.  At the time I thought it was hilarious, but I can now understand the sadness of giving up something that you really enjoy.

So if you want to be nice to me, please do not state how sucky it is to be giving up beer and cheese, I KNOW, trust me.   But not as sucky as losing my battle with MS.

Goodbye dear foods


E-Speed said...

if it helps, I listened to a show about how cheese is made and it definitely did not sit well with me! You will be much better off without it!

Erin Sigler said...

You´re awesome Jay! I know that this is not easy, but luckily you come from a family that loves food and cooking creatively! I´m sure you will come up with all kinds of yummy alternatives:) I love you Julia and we are thinking of you and praying for your health all the time!