Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Workout Update

Back to the grind:
  • Monday January 4 - 1800 y swim
  • Tuesday January 5 - 45 weights/circuit, 3.5 mi run
  • Wednesday January 6 - off
  • Thursday January 7 - 1 hour weights, 20 min abs
  • Friday January 8 - off
  • Saturday January 9 - deep house cleaning 4 hours , 1 hour driveway shoveling
  • Sunday January 10 - 4 mi run
Although this seems very small, it was the most I had done  in a while.  I have also decided to include other workouts (house stuff), because I must take into consideration every bit of energy I expend in regard to my overall energy levels.


allanjel said...

I like how you use "deep" to describe your house cleaning...hehehe! I am undoubtedly a shallow house cleaner!

Nice to read "YOU ARE ABLE"

Julia said...

It was a "deep" house cleaning, Paul and I caught an episode of HOARDERS on A&E and felt the need to clean (well).

Thank you and I am able!